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Seed Change is a platform to

enable doctors and their patients

to consider cannabis as part of a


Cannabis could be a comprehensive treatment

part of the solution

We believe patients benefit most when cannabis is a component of a broader treatment regime managed by their existing doctor. Our aim is to support doctors in prescribing cannabis, and ensure patients reliably receive the prescriptions to their door.



improvement in pain control and general well being, reported in an Israeli study of 279 cancer patients authorised to take cannabis (1)



cancer patients studied reported that THC reduced mean functional impairment (2)

lower annual opioid overdose mortality rate, in states with medical cannabis laws (3)



We will provide doctors with an innovative new resource

As a doctor, our platform will guide you through the process to prescribe cannabis, confident that you are meeting all regulatory requirements. We will offer a range of cannabis based medicines, giving you many prescription options.


We believe all patients deserve the most appropriate medicine to meet their needs

We will provide the medication which is the best fit for your needs as a patient. By not being affiliated with any single producer, we offer your doctor a range of prescription options. This means cost-effective treatments, from international suppliers, delivered to you.

Change is coming


Our approach harnesses the therapeutic effects of cannabis by giving doctors a new tool to add to their current practice. Patient wellbeing is our focus. Responsibility to both patients and doctors is something we take extremely seriously, and we are fully committed to meeting the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Our team of advisors includes leading figures from both the UK healthcare and global medical cannabis industries.