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Seed Change is a platform to

enable patients and their doctors

to consider different options as part

of a holistic treatment plan.


As a doctor, you can rest assured that our platform will provide your patients' with a variety of different treatment options to meet your therapeutic goals.  By introducing competition into the market, we will be increasing access to products that many patients may not have previously considered.


We will provide patients with an innovative new resource


We believe all patients deserve the most appropriate medicine to meet their needs

We will help you consider the medication or service which is the best fit for your needs as a patient. You have the right, as a patient, to choose where you get medical products and services.  Our goal is to remove the barriers to finding the most competitive prices.  By not being affiliated with any clinic or pharmacy, we offer you a range of options. This means cost-effective treatments, from local and international suppliers, delivered to you.

Change is coming


Our approach expands your options as a patient to be sure you get the best care. Patient wellbeing is our focus. Responsibility to both patients and doctors is something we take extremely seriously, and we are fully committed to meeting the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Our team of advisors includes leading figures from both the UK healthcare and pharmeceutical industries.